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Do what you love. And love what you do.

I guess it was the end of the last year when two people with surprisingly many things in common just met somewhere in mountains of Northern Africa. They kinda shared similar experiences from the past, and also the situations in present. Even the jokes and interests were the same, so the connection was lovely and they became very good friends in a very short time, three days or so I would say. So the countless number of adventures happened in Africa and also on their way back home to Latvia, Northern Europe. Among these numerous talks about books, music, traveling the world and other tempting topics. Many new ideas emerged, one of which is this blog where two best passions – writing and traveling are connected and now given to you our dear readers.

typewriter, writing, writing a travel blog
photo credit – Lívia Cristina

There is a saying that ‘doing what you love is freedom’ and ‘liking what you do is happiness’ and we definitely believe these truthful expressions. We both had been writing diaries on paper and also internet blogs before. We also enjoy traveling very much and this kind of seemed the perfect time for things to fall into their places, and the ‘writing travelers’ was born. We will gather some interesting and helpful information about the travels we have done before, the countries we’ve visited and encourage you to go to. We both love photography so we promise to give you also dozens of beautiful, engaging and top quality pictures from all over the World.

photo from the trip to Toubkal, Morocco, North Africa.

“Any dream is made possible by taking the first step. So whenever you want something, the whole universe will conspire for you to get it. But you have to take the step towards your dream and then you will be guided.” (Paulo Coelho)

There is a feeling that we had already taken the first step so you are welcome to follow. We believe that everything is possible, you just need to make wishes and start doing the things you always wanted.

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