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How did it all start?

I grew up in Latvia with no more than a dollar a day in my pocket. I saved money by not buying the food at school so I could buy a music CD at the end of the month. I started to work by helping my grandfather in his garden to earn some coins so I could buy some things I thought I needed. Everyday I heard from my parents that I needed to be modest and humble, that I need to be thankful for these little things I had and not hope for anything bigger.

Working in a small manufacturing company I spent a lot of time talking with my co-worker who was always telling stories about his family and his childhood. His early years in this World was almost like mine, only that he had four more brothers and sisters. So their pocket money for lunch at school was four times less than mine and their family were also very poor. But in spite of that the guy were saying almost every day – i am gonna be rich. I will have everything I’ve always dreamed of. If my father wasn’t wealthy it doesn’t mean that I am going to be the same. I will travel a lot and i will own every little thing I’ve every wanted. And I was sitting there at the computer on the next desk and I kinda started to like the idea. I also wanted to dream big and I wanted to allow me to believe in my dreams.

So I started to make some weird lists with countries I wanted to visit, with things I wanted to buy or to have. I printed out the picture of the car I wanted and I started to visualize how my future is going to look like in years.

time to travel sign

Before that we both me and my colleague had never travelled before. Well I had been in few neighbour countries by bus or by car as a class trip or something. So the thing we did, we just bought the tickets to London, just for a 2 days or so. The idea was to tell ourselves that you can travel with no money and no particular plan or schedule. We just went to see one of the greatest cities in the World. We got the cheap tickets, we went to Stansted airport and then to the city center by bus. We walked around for twenty to thirty hours till we had seen everything, we took a lot of pictures, we just had an amazing time doing nothing but at the same time making ourselves believe that anything is possible.

London top

I really became a believer that day. I started to believe in dreams, in possibilities and wanting big things. I guess the keywords for having that particular trip was wishing and taking and action. In other words – if you want to go somewhere, just go and take the first step towards your dream. Yes exactly, do not wait – buy the damn ticket baby.

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